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Have you ever spent 10 minutes looking for your reading glasses, and they were on the top of your head? Or, have you walked into a room and forgotten why you went there? Most people, even younger ones, have had these experiences, but when should such instances be something of concern? What are the normal signs of aging? Is there anything you can do to maintain your brain health as you age?

Brain Health as Your Age provides useful, achievable actions you can take to reduce your risk of brain function decline, accurate information about identifying problems, and real solutions. The authors offer useful anecdotes and scientifically validated information -- important tools in separating myth from reality. The authors separate fact from fiction to ensure that recommendations are evidence-based, practical, useful, achievable, and measurable. 

Written by a world-renowned cognitive specialist, an extraordinary house call physician, and an award-winning author on eldercare issues, this book addresses both normal and abnormal decline and best practices for addressing both. Brain health, cognitive impairment, and mood disorders are serious issues. This book is an accessible starting point for understanding healthy brain aging and when to seek help. It’s never too soon to start preventing cognitive decline, or understanding it once it’s begun, and this book offers the perfect entry point for readers young and old.  Click HERE to buy the book.

The Smart Person's Guide to Eldercare


The senior care arena is incredibly fragmented and confusing to navigate. Consumers do not know what care they need or how to find it without an expert guide to vet the multitude of options. This book will teach consumers to make educated decisions about their long-term care choices - and will let them have a few laughs along the way. Click HERE to buy the book,

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